We all learn and grow based on our individual life experiences.​​
We develop an identity, a sense of "who I am”.​

In time, we can feel trapped in old identities, behaviors and roles that don't fit

who we want to be.

You only have one life.
  Make it yours!


Embodied Counseling
Embodied Counseling is different from traditional approaches. It includes more of who you are in the process and allows your wisdom to guide you, your compassion to comfort you, and your presence to fill your life with joy!
 While our culture teaches us a lot about dieting, controlling what we eat, and feeling bad about not being thin "enough", it doesn't give us a roadmap for growing through the challenges and into the rewards of working through issues with food.​​
Emotional Balance & Relationships

When we learn to identify our emotions as physical responses, not as the whole
of who we are, we have perspective and objectivity.  We can notice what is present emotion, and what is an old issue.  We can see our emotions as flags alerting us to danger, to a need for change, to an old belief that isn't working anymore, or to true direction.​​
Issues with Food/Weight

When we can manage our emotions,
we can find a new way of relating to ourselves and others that is present, grounded and real. We can invite relationship in rather than pushing it away.
 Trauma happens when we are overwhelmed by an event and have no support with which it deal with it.

Addictions are our best way of dealing with overwhelming situations. They may be our only way of giving ourselves pleasure. 

Trauma & Addictions

But addictions don't give us the joy, satisfaction, love, and fulfillment that we really want. When we know that, we find that there is another way.